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Assess Your Marketing

Is marketing overwhelm undermining your mission?

Do you need to invest in measurable and effective marketing, but lack the capacity?

“Yes” = > Blind spots in your marketing strategy, storytelling, and systems may be scuppering your sales.

Great stories happen to those who can tell them.

If your marketing isn’t explaining — in language they use — how you’ll address your ideal customers’ wants, needs, and fears, you’ll lose them to your competitors. 

It’s frustrating when your sales don’t match the quality of your educational products and services, and the impact and income you know they deliver.

Are you ready to stop wasting money and effort on misfiring marketing?

5 Benefits of Optimising Your Marketing Strategy And Tactics

Align to Shine helps education entrepreneurs grow impact for their clients, using effective copywriting, brand storytelling, and marketing

Who We Help Shine

Typical clients include founders, leaders, and marketing managers of:

Social enterprises

… transforming education for human flourishing

Education settings

… pioneering democratic and nature-based learning


… for nature connection and rites of passage experiences

How You Can Shine

Align to Shine can scale your impact, influence, and income, with brand story assessments, workshops, and support.

We help align your brand strategy and storytelling with effective practice, so the true value of your work can shine through your marketing.

Will We Align?

We’ll likely be a great fit if you have a growth mindset and resonate with:

  • Courageous and holistic education, supporting autonomy, agency, and acceptance
  • Nurturing compassionate,  collaborative, and creative learning communities
  • Playful experimentation, with curiosity and humility

We’ll likely be a poor fit if you:

  • Have a fixed or fearful mindset
  • Value conformity, tradition, security, status, and power above caring for people and nature, dependability, self-direction, curiosity, and humility
  • Aren’t committed to continuous improvement

Our Underpinning Experience

Laurie Walmsley

Laurie Walmsley
Founder, Align to Shine

Since pivoting from politics to empowering educators, Align to Shine founder Laurie Walmsley has provided marketing, branding, or copyediting support to education organisations including the University of Exeter, The Visionaries, and Embercombe.

He’s also designed and held story strategy workshops to form Transition Town Totnes’ latest 10-year vision. 

Align to Shine applies Laurie’s experience, learning, and skills from:

  • 15 years’ comms success in business, government, and education marketing
  • Training in storytelling and creative facilitation for educators
  • Combining values theory and communications psychology with effective digital marketing strategy and tactics

When clients need additional skills (e.g., web design, graphic design), Laurie collaborates with creatives who are leaders in their field.

7 Steps to Transforming Your Marketing

Through our marketing strategy consultancy and workshops we offer DIY, ‘done with you’, and ‘done for you’ marketing support to:

A brand is the set of expectations, memories, stories and relationships that … account for a consumer’s decision to choose one product or service over another.

Your Questions

Learn marketing to attract your ideal client

Our Sold Out Event

"Laurie helped us develop our whole marketing strategy for the Art of Mentoring Camp and sell out the event. We now have a great website and good marketing systems. Laurie worked with great integrity and heart, going beyond the call of duty to support our event."
Peter Cow
Peter Cow
Core Team Convenor
Art of Mentoring UK

I’m in - what’s next?

Find out how we can best enhance your impact, influence, and income with proven marketing strategy and tactics. Let’s talk about how we can:

What will you and your clients have missed a year from now by continuing with marketing you can’t measure?

Good storytelling … is a vital component of a marketing campaign.

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